Merry Christmas Maties is a first episode of the Interboro animated series called Pirate Taller Jill.

Pirate Taller Jill and her family and friends are celebrating Christmas which is a holiday because they sing, decorate cookies,Christmas trees,gingerbread cookies,and others too. Santa Claus and Ms.Claus are finally here to see Pirate Taller Jill,Mia,Bob,Danish,Abby,Dan,Tommy,Mother Parrot and Father Parrot who drinks hot chocolate for himself and it tastes like smores. Santa Claus takes them to the Christmas Castle and Bob and Danish likes Christmas Castle when evil carrot snowman comes and it scares Bob and Danish away. Pirate Taller Jill and others hears Bob and Danish are screaming about that evil carrot snowman and Mother Parrot calls the matey cops to get evil carrot snowman and the two police matey officers carries Evil Carrot Snowman to jail for scaring Bob and Danish. At the end of the episode, Pirate Taller Jill and her family sings A matey holiday Christmas song and they say MERRY CHRISTMAS Maties!

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